Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Old Man of Mosquito Lake

You can see that this character has a very different relationship to Yellow Moose than our impetuous Coyote. Old Man of Mosquito Lake is--so far--the only character in this series based on a real person. When I was 9 I saw an Indian outside a campground in Maine. I've told the story of how our 10 minute encounter changed my life at Aqus in Petaluma & at Sebastopol Gallery.

Whoever this man was, he had power to awaken a little girl. In this series he is calm, grounded, shamanic, & playful. This painting, Old Man of Mosquito Lake & Yellow Moose, is watercolor, 10 x 8.75".

Who exactly Yellow Moose is, what she represents...I'm waiting for you to tell me.