Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buffalo Dreamer & Thunder Woman

Thunder Woman first appeared while I was recovering from major surgery. Months passed before I recognized her as the spirit of Native uprising--the reemergence of Native values & paradigms in diverse circumstances.

Buffalo Dreamer leapt off the page while I was preparing for a featured artist show at Sebastopol Gallery. He seemed iconic in himself. But then he started showing up in the company of other characters from the series.

In this watercolor, 15 x 12", Buffalo Dreamer & Thunder Woman are crossing a river. Maybe he is helping her, maybe she is giving him courage. Some unknown is before them, some transition occurring.

A mature psychotherapist with a deep spiritual practice burst into tears when he saw this painting. Felt like a miracle to me....


  1. Sandy, I so enjoyed meeting you this past weekend. I am getting ready to blog my experience with you in your gallery and your art. I will link back to your blog. Thank you for your kindness. Lynn

  2. i have enjoyed your work...there is magic within it, your use of color is lovely and also full of that same magic...we are neighbors and thanks to lynn, i say hello.. ;)

  3. Sandy, just back to let you know your art got a lot of nice praise on my blog and you can see it and read the comments on my Aug. 16 post at

    Be well.

  4. Sandy, would it be OK to comment based on the fact that I was named 'Coyote' by an American shaman..and titled my blogs Coyote Dreamer. It's caused some confusion because I find there are a few 'Coyote Dreamers' out there. My best wishes