Monday, May 28, 2012

Changing Woman & Blue Coyote Coming Out of Darkness

This watercolor (11 x 12") was painted in 2008, several months before I was diagnosed with cancer. We might consider it a favorable prognosis. I might see it as about me, about that one crisis in my life.

But I think it is more meaningful. When I look at it now, it gives me hope that I can emerge from ongoing financial difficulties into a prosperity based on deep inner change. It gives me hope that as a people we can emerge from ignorance & greed into a rich harmony with all beings. It gives me hope that an alcoholic friend can emerge from denial & concealment into full health & honesty.

There are many kinds of darkness in the life of an individual, in the life of the world. The expressions on the faces of Changing Woman & Blue Coyote remind us that the light into which we so desire to emerge can be startling & formidable. 

May their simple voyage give courage to us all, to stop clinging to familiar darkness & emerge into the bright unknown.

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