Friday, May 4, 2012

Thunder Woman at the Ocean
watercolor, 12.5 x 13

Thunder Woman is mysterious to me. I'm sure she represents the spirit of Native uprising, not in the sense of violence, but in the sense of resurgence. I don't think she limits her support to genetic descendants of the original inhabitants of Turtle Island. I think she calls everyone to re-perceive in a Native way. It's the perception of all beings as family that she empowers, & the love & kindness that follow that perception.

These must be hard times for such a spirit, when so much is at odds with this way of seeing & behaving. I think she has gone to the ocean to recharge. The ocean is so powerful, so replete with awareness of the tiny nature of human life. Then there are the gulls, with their own humorous slant on everything from garbage to wind.

How wonderful to see this Great One, refreshing herself knee deep in waves, playing with bird friends. It's a good day.

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